May be you have blog or website already but, the design are not satisfying, messy, and you need more features on the website such as random image or slideshow to create more interesting, we do help you to re-design YOUR brand more “eye catching”!


Thus, if you own the website need to be fix because of error or you not satisfying enough for you, we ready to help you with new websites full script or CMS.


How to contact us?


Client inform website address with detail with need to be fixed.


We will analyse and give you quotation for handling error.


Face to face meeting to discuss about the website


Client doing down payment 50% of all cost.


Client send complete data Account Cpanel Hosting


We’re fixing Error Handling


Client do “try and error” on Website in five working days, if there’s sill error we will fix again.


Client send all price of “Handling Error” service


Guarantee of “Handling error”, 100% cash back if your system or website cannot we fixed. We give 3 month guarantee for same error.


If website done, user can change the cpanel account password.

Small repair

IDR 270.000

1 – 2 Days

Medium repair

IDR 540.000

2 – 4 Days

Hard repair

Mulai Dari:

IDR 600.000

Adjusted for difficulties

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