Privacy Policy

PT. Balinet Intra Nusa Nawadwipa is committed to protecting customers' personal / corporate data. By using our services, you are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Type of Recorded Data

PT. Balinet Intra Nusa Nawadwipa records data related to customers through the following methods:

  • Automatic data recording methods such as but not limited to communication protocols, IP addresses, cookies, and others
  • Online and Offline Registration
  • Email correspondence
  • Financial transactions
  • Online and Offline Communication
  • Sources of information from third parties

Data Usage

The types of data above are used by PT. Balinet Intra Nusa Nawadwipa for :

  • Communicating in order to provide services
  • Performing services will be provide to both the customer concerned and law enforcement
  • Perform billing for services used by customers
  • Recognize as an intangible asset
  • Publish in order to do promotions
  • List in the WHOIS Domain record

Data Security

PT. Balinet Intra Nusa Nawadwipa tries its best to secure customers' personal / company data from parties who are not authorized to obtain such data, except to do the things mentioned in Data Usage.

Data Confidentiality Limits

Data is considered not confidential data and PT. Balinet Intra Nusa Nawadwipa is exempted from the obligation to protect it if the data has become part of the public domain and is known to the public as a result of the policies of the authorities to publish it such as in the WHOIS domain and others.