Nawa CMS

What is Nawa CMS?

Nawa CMS is a Content Management System developed by Team Nawadwipa and has been used in several clients / projects. It is suitable for creating company profile websites, landing pages, portfolios and personal blogging.

Nawa CMS was built with the purpose of getting optimal results on SERPs or search engines. So, we designed an SEO Friendly url structure and page speed of access, without forgetting security and the most important feature is Multilanguage Support.

The benefit of Nawa CMS?

Responsive Design

We design with the Bootstrap structure. Easy to manage content with grid. And compatible with all display size.



You can manage the content with multi language for frontpage. And you can add more on Backend system.


Best Performance

We support PHP version 7.3. We have an html and cache optimizer built into the system.



We provide a separate support team for those of you who use our Content Management System and complete usage documentation.


SEO Friendly

We designed this CMS to optimize the performance of your website on the SERP or search engines. From a friendly URL structure to a lightweight website load.


Template Switcher

Nawa CMS not only provides 1 template for the frontend, we have provided several attractive templates with elegant and attractive designs.

The Client

Nawa CMS


Nawa CMS

Can Nawa CMS be downloaded for free?

Not at this time. It is not impossible, in the future we will develop Nawa CMS into Open Source.

Then, how do you get Nawa CMS?

You must use our Website Development Services first.

Is there a License key?

Yes, you will immediately get a license key connected to our server.

Can you manage your own website?

Yes! You can manage website content (post, pages, extensions, menus) through the access for the website administrator that we have provided.

Can I access the website via a smartphone?
Yes! The website can be accessed on all media devices such as computers, laptops, notebooks or other mobile devices.

Is Nawa CMS different from popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal?
Obviously different, our team did not use the popular open source CMS above as a basis for development.