Landing Page Development

Landing Page Development

Nawadwipa Landing Page Development Services is an elegant and best quality landing page service in Indonesia, using a script that we specially designed & build just for you, SEO friendly. the perfect solution for Indonesian UMKM.

What is a landing page? Landing Page is a single web page that is Optimized to explain a product or service in detail without being affected by other pages on a website so that the delivery of material is more focused and usually gets more response or action from visitors to your website.

Bagaimana Kami Bekerja Untuk Anda?

Proffesional Design

In designing your brand like a website, we will always try to be as professional as what your requests and needs are.


Affordable prices

The price we offer is very affordable, depending on the level of difficulty and of course with an affordable price compared to other companies.


Responsive Design

Not only with an attractive frontend appearance, we will also build your landing page compatible with all devices that have different resolutions.



Our customer service will provide the maximum, best and friendly service for your satisfaction.


Face to face

In order to maintain your trust in us, we are willing to meet face to face with you especially for Denpasar area.


Website Maintenance

Any questions regarding the necessary website maintenance or something that needs to be asked of us, we will always listen to and do what has been agreed by both parties.


Landing Page Development

Si Manis


Next Year IDR 750.000
  • Hosting 100MB
  • Free domain 1 Tahun 
  • Free SSL/HTTPS 1 Tahun 
  • Page Admin
  • 1 Page Frontend
  • 5 Starter Article 700 Words
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Working Timeline 3-5 Days
  • Email
  • Free Maintenance
  • Backup

Landing Page Development

How do you order a Landing Page Development Service?
Tell us the domain name you want to use, for example:, Make a 50% down payment, After you make a payment, we will process your domain. Your domain will be active in less than 1 day.

What is needed?
Information and descriptions about your business, your business contact data such as email, telephone number, fax, etc., Product data or service that you want to publish, you can send some sample data, then you can update the data yourself. Photos, banners or images that you want to display and of course your business logo

Is this service covered by a warranty?
For those who order Nawadwipa Landing Page Development Services, we provide a FOREVER WARRANTY for this special service. Website maintenance guarantee if the website have a problems due to server down or the website is attacked by hackers. If you have trouble managing a website, I recommend using our web maintenance service.

Can I add features?
Yes, we will help you add features according your needs and according to the resources we have. However, additional features will be pointed to additional fees. Prices can be adjusted according to the needs of the features you want to make.