Google Adwords

Why Use Google Adwords / Google Ads?

Google AdWords or google ads is the most effective and targeted advertising, so it will appear relatively quickly on page 1 of Google.

Targeted goals. Website will be set to "only appear on keywords that have high conversion" Orders quickly arrive. The specific keywords provided by Google Adwords will make your website appear on the first page and make it easier for customers to find your website.

Obviously Cost Estimation. The cost of advertising with Google Adwords for each period can be calculated in detail, so you can calculate your profit quickly and precisely according to your wishes.

What are the types of Google Adwords?

  1. Google Display Network (GDN) / Banner Ads - These banner ads will generally be in the form of images or videos or text. Where will be displayed on Google network.
  2. Google Search Result - These ads are text that will be displayed in Google search results. Ads will appear when users search for certain targeted keywords.

How we work?


Keywords Analysis

The keyword analysis that we do, can increase potential customers which are very relevant to the success of your ad on Google


Professional Content

With our professional team, make ads according to the niche to be targeted and make it in the top rank.


Focus on Conversion

By setting proven KPI we can maximize your ad budget to generate better ROI.


Google Adwords / Google Ads Services

Nusantara #1


Per Month
  • Daily Ads budget 20.000
  • Click Estimate 400
  • 2 Ads Group
  • 6 Ads Text
  • Monthly Report
  • 30 Keywords
  • Basic Analysis

Nusantara #2


Per Month
  • Daily Ads budget 50.000
  • Click Estimate 1.200
  • 3 Ads Group
  • 9 Ads Text
  • Monthly Report
  • 100 Keywords
  • Google Analytics Integrate
  • Standard Analysis

Nusantara #1


Per Month
  • Daily Ads budget 100.000
  • Click Estimate 3000
  • 5 Ads Group
  • 15 Ads Text
  • Monthly Report
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Google Analytics
  • Remarketing
  • Full Analysis

Google Adwords / Google Ads Services

Can I Get a Guarantee By use Google Ads Services?
Of course, you will get a guarantee of repeating your Google Adwords ad. We do this if indeed when placing an ad, the ad does not match what you want. Or it could be mistakes that are purely made by our team.

Wherever the Target Countries Are in Advertising?
You are free to choose your target country, but with a note that the country you are targeting must be relevant to what products or services you offer. In addition, our Google Adwords Advertising Services will also provide with recommendations and also receive the consultation that you do, so will be able to get more optimal advertising.

What reports will I receive in advertising later?
Regarding the report, of course, we will provide it for you, where we will provide it in a period every month. What is included in the report is such as total clicks, price per click, keywords used and many others. You can also check every day using your Google Adwords account that we previously connected to. This way, you can see how your ad is progressing directly and how your Google Adwords ad is progressing.

Is My Ad Definitely Served Using Certain Keywords?
Of course your ad will appear as long as it has been approved by Google. After your ad has been approved, your website will immediately appear on the first page of Google with the duration of your ad serving that has been determined by Google itself. So this is the reason why advertising using Google Adwords can generate considerable opportunities for your business. Not only that, advertising using Google Adwords also be able to introduce your product or service more targeted.

How Many Clicks Will I Get If I Place Ads Here?
Regarding the number of clicks on Google Adwords Ads Services, we cannot be sure how many because this will match what keywords you use in advertising. You need to know that each keyword that you use will have a different search volume. In other words, some are looking for it a little and some are looking for it a lot. We can find out the search volume of a keyword using the Keyword Planner tool. By using this tool, we will provide complete and clear information about these keywords. This will be the material for our analysis in creating optimal advertising in advertising on Google Adwords.