Bali Web Design

How the Website Actually Works?

Website is a tool that is very important for a company. In a company website, it can describe everything needed to provide information related to the products, information or services offered.

Nawadwipa is the best solution to have a professional website design in bali with the most complete selection of facilities. Ease of management, design on request and support from more than 8 years of experienced support, we are ready to serve you anytime. Make your dream come true to have a complete website at low cost and fast processing. Introduce your business to the world with our website design service.

How We Work?

Professional Design

In designing your brand like a website, we will always try to be as professional as what your requests and needs are.


Affordable prices

The price we offer depends on the level of difficulty and of course at an affordable price compared to other companies.


Backup Data

After all work has been completed, all files and raw data will be provided to you.



Our customer service will provide the maximum, best and friendliest possible service for your satisfaction.


Face to face

In order to maintain your trust, we are willing to meet face to face especially for you at the surrounding Denpasar area.


Website Maintenance

Any questions regarding the website maintenance or something that needs to be asked of us, we will always listen to and do what is agreed by both parties.

Benefits of having a website

Bali Web Design

In the current digital era, the development of information technology, which is increasingly rapidly make a impac in the behavior of most people, the need for faster and cheaper information, of course, requires information providers to have an online media, where the information presented can be easily and quickly obtained by informed consumers.

This online information media is nothing but a website, on the website you can place a lot of information that you want to publish. This will allow many people to find the information they need. Do you already know the benefits of making a website as an medium information? if you still don't know, below are some of the benefits if you have a website:

Tell customers about your business
Having an active website is important even for small local businesses. of course consumers use the internet to find good local businesses. Without a business website, customers may not be able to contact or find your business easily. Search engines like google are very focused on local results. So a website is even more important if you have a local business.

Reach all customers from all of the world
Professional web design services are able to provide you with instant access which allows your business to capture customers from all over the world. The website itself operates to increase your customer base. So if you can serve customers nationally or globally. Then a website can help you in having your own customer base.

Reach all customers
Web Design in Bali are currently increasingly in demand by business people or entrepreneurs. With the help of the internet, today's consumers can shop online at any time. The only way for a business to reach all potential customers is with a good business. Website allows you to reach your potential customers anywhere and anytime.

Easier communication
Once a business has a website, it will give you ability to communicate with customers instantly. You can even advertise new products instantly through the website. In this way, you no longer need to do advertising with expensive brochure or leaflet delivery methods. When you produce website content that can provide information to potential customers. Of course, you can spread the content to thousands of potential customers. For this reason, you really need a website creation service so that your goals are met.

Save cost
The website should be a sales tool, describe products as well as services and generate leads from that information. If you compare this to someone's salary and the cost of the sales guarantee. Then this is a fraction of the cost.

Attract new customers
One of the main reasons why you should use Nawadwipa website design & development services is the potential to attract new customers. When consumers explore the internet, they will have access to products, services and business information. You can find prospects at various stages if you work with a website design & development service in Bali.

Website Design

Landing Page Si Manis


Next Year IDR 450.000
  • Hosting 450mb
  • Free domain 1 Year
  • Email
  • Page Dashboard
  • Landing Page
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Media Connected
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Free Maintenance
  • Backup



Next Year IDR 1.200.000
  • Hosting 2gb
  • Free domain 1 Year
  • Email 1 s/d 10
  • Page Admin
  • Page Frontend
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Media Connected
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Free Maintenance 5 Month
  • Backup

Custom Start From


Next Year IDR 2.100.000
  • Hosting 4gb
  • Free domain 1 Year
  • Unlimited Email
  • Page Admin
  • Page Frontend
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Media Connected
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Free Maintenance 1 year
  • Backup
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Website Design Services

How long is the website design & development service?
The working timeline is 14 days, we will ensure that in 14 days the beta version can be accessed through your browser, however, it can take more than 14 days depending on the website material. If you need less time, please contact our Bali Web Design services for additional fees.

What domains do you get?
We currently provide 3 domain extension options: * .COM, * .NET, * .CO.ID.
For the CO.ID domain, we need requirements such as KTP for the management and SIUP / AKTA for company establishment.

What data is needed to create a website?
  1. Domain name to be registered, for example:
  2. Business Description
  3. Email correspondence, to be displayed on the website
  4. Address & Contact, to be displayed on the website
  5. Sample Photos of Products / Services
  6. Company Profile, pdf / slide (if any)
  7. Logo (if any)
  8. Competitor Website (mandatory, so that we fully understand the core business of your company)
What do you get from our Website Development Services?
Domain, Hosting (depending on the server disk space you ordered), Web design uploaded on the server, Credential information (Cpanel account, website login)

Can you manage your own website?
Yes! You can manage website content (news, articles, events, galleries) through access to the website administrator that Nawadwipa have provided.

Can I access the website via a smartphone?
Yes! The website can be accessed on all media devices such as computers, laptops, notebooks or other mobile devices.

Is it necessary to hold a meeting regarding our website design services?
In most cases, you don't need a company profile website design service if you have sent the data that we mentioned above. For now we are opening a discussion service via Phone / WA.